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S.F.M.A Associates

This is another Massachusetts based one man manufacturer that was in business and put out a catalog. He also was contracted by Paramount during the Star Trek Next Generation series to make some of their hand props. He was also hired by the Smithsonian Institute for the first restoration of the USS Enterprise full scale miniature used in the original series. It is rumored he occasionally still makes some particular TOS items but not the unit being referenced here, or in the time frame focused on.

Years Active for TOS 1979 - 1995 (approximate)

Items Sold  

Phaser II

Phaser I hand units sold separately

Production amount : Unknown

These replicas had no electronics, and were made in three versions:


Version 1: Black hand unit paint scheme, grey lower body and grip. Manufactured from clear casting resin, with machined aluminum nozzle, trigger rod, thumbwheel, side rails and lower rotary switch, which was smooth aluminum with no numbered details. Dilithium crystal cell door molded in and painted silver. Removable hand unit which was attached by Velcro. 


Version 2: Paint scheme and all details same as above, but with more accurate spun cast pewter nozzle, and thumbwheel, and now an improved  spun cast pewter lower rear numbered detailed rotary switch.


Version 3: Dark grey hand unit, medium grey lower body, graphite colored handle. Entire dimensions of unit reworked and diminished in size by approximately 10%. Details now include spun cast metal nozzle, dilithium crystal cell door, thumbwheel, numbered rear rotary switch and trigger. Hand unit still attached with Velcro and removable.


It is also rumored that on a very small basis this company made

communicators. To date, none were ever seen, nor were they ever advertised in his catalogs.

Version 1

Miarecki version 1.JPG
Miarecki version 1 apart.JPG
Miarecki version 1top.JPG
Version 2
Miarecki mid00.JPG
Miarecki Mid01.JPG
Early Rotary switch.JPG
Later rotary switch.JPG

Above left, right: Version 1 machined aluminum rotary knob, and later cast pewter numbered rotary knob for later versions 2 and 3.

Version 3
Miarecki Version 3
Miarecki version 3 apart.JPG
Miarecki version 3 hand unit.JPG
Miarecki Comparison 01.JPG
Miarecki comparison00.JPG
Above: Size and paint scheme comparison from versions 1 and 2, to last version 3.
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