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Federation Trading Post

This was a short lived Star Trek TOS retail store with one location on the east coast (New York City) and one on the West Coast (Berkeley, California). It is believed the stores remained in operation only a few years in the mid 1970's to approximately 1980 or thereabouts.

                                    Hand Phaser

Hand phaser made from plastic which was hollow, with filler poured in and solidified. Opening for filler covered with metal foil tape simulating aspirator pile. No electronics of course. This unit was advertised in the Star Trek Poster Book in the late 1970's to the early 1980's.

Barlow P00.JPG
This unit originally was sold in kit form in a plain white box with a yellow printed instruction sheet. Made of vacuum formed black haircell plastic, aluminum parts, steel grid with no wire surrounding same, or hinge wheels. Grid was installed by threading wire through into front shell and twisting closed from behind. Control knobs were taken from N scale train wheels. Crude construction, as the grid came unpainted with no final assembly nor was it meant to be. Also came with “hypno disc” style moiré pattern for installation into aluminum ring. This unit was sold from the late 1970's well into the mid 1980's. It was also advertised in New Eye Studios AND Marco Enterprises catalog.
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