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This company was out of Menlo Park California, advertised in Starlog magazine and other publications. Phaser is made of either polyurethane or vacuum formed plastic. Metal nozzle and radio shack momentary switch for trigger on the pistol unit. These  were sold with and without electronics. They were also sold through New Eye Studios. Other than than that, little more is known about this company.

Years active: 1983-1986 (approximate) 

Items Sold

Phaser II  


Production Runs  

Phaser II replicas: Unknown

Communicators:  Unknown

Phaser II


Communicator was made of vacuum formed plastic and metal grid. Sold as static unit without electronics and a functional unit with flashing lights and electronic beep. To date no pictures are available other than the pictures in his catalog which, can be found in the catalog section in this site. If anyone has pictures of this unit and would like to share them here please contact us. Thank you.

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