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Marco Enterprises

Company started by former muffler automotive shop owner Marco in 1980 and primarily specialized In Star Wars prop replicas. He advertised regularly in Starlog Magazine. Starting in approximately 1982. He branched out to include just about every prop replica from every conceivable franchise in the realm of Science Fiction movies and TV shows, becoming  the "Walmart" of the prop replica hobby. He regularly put out catalogs for over 35 years. He does occasionally still sell what’s left of his catalog on e-commerce sites, selling under “selling my private collection”, obviously to avoid any licensing issues.


Items Sold




Hand Scanners                                                     

Klingon Disruptor

Hypo Spray - Medical Pouch

Agonizer - Control Plate

Mirror Dagger


There are 4 known versions:


Version 1: His first version was all welded aluminum or steel and was definitely not accurate in any way except that it remotely resembled a pistol. Included electronics.  10 of these particular units are known to have been made, and sold very poorly due to accuracy issues.


Version 2: Season 1 black/white paint scheme. Correct machined aluminum parts, polyurethane construction, electronics in both hand phaser and lower unit. Hand phaser operates independently of lower half and is fitted to detach with Velcro. Clear heavy textured acrylic square used for aspirator grid, side rails molded in and automotive chrome detail tape applied on the raised rails. Rotary rear knob operates pitch of sound in pistol unit, and his rear knob is the identical knob used on the Starfleet Research PRE Roddenberry changes units. On inspection of electronics in hand unit, its noticed that he used “sound effects” key chains for his effects. Cheap, and easy to modify.


Version 3: Same as above, but with season 2 paint scheme - black handle, and grey body, with black hand unit.


Version 4: Same as above, but with season 3 paint scheme.  All grey lower

half of phaser, including handle, and black hand unit.


Marco generally always put his logo on any molded units. Usually ”ME” can be found on his hand phasers, and on the bottom of the handle on his pistol units.

                                                                 Version 1

marco early phaser 00.jpg
Marco eraly phaser 01.jpg
Version 2 - 4
Marco 00.JPG
marco 02.JPG
Marco 04.JPG
Marco logo handle.JPG

Marco Logo on bottom of handle

Hand Phaser 1

"Revenger" sound effects key chain modified.

Marco Logo hand unit bottom.JPG

And of course, the infamous Marco logo.

3 known versions:


Version 1: First versions were Starfleet Command units purchased from them in kit form wholesale, of which Marco credits in his catalog at that time, which was approximately 1981 - 1983. Non-functional units, as well as Starfleet Command functional units (but that was on the rare occasions he was able to get them from that manufacturer).


Version 2: Marco’s own units. Polyurethane shells, imitation midplate molded in one shell, and automotive detail chrome tape applied. Other than that feature, all the correct aluminum, parts. Plated brass grid, and chirping sound/flashing LEDs. Larger, and wider than most other manufacturers. 


Version 3: Same as above, but with chirp, flashing LEDs and digital voice.


Version 4: Non functional dummy unit.

                                                              Version 1


See Starfleet Command category.  

Versions 2 - 4

Marco comm 00.JPG
Marco Open.JPG

Marco's grid hole diameter, general design, and plating were copied from Starfleet Command's unit, however his grid hinge wheels were thicker.


3 known versions:


Version 1: Starfleet Command units, with custom electronics by Marco. Again, these were purchased as Starfleet Command kits wholesale by Marco for retail mail order and convention sales.


Version 2: Manufactured by Marco himself. 

Version 3: Same as above but the “medical” version. Viewing screen has a black and white photocopy of the “sickbay” diagnostic panel. 

Version 1 - Modified Starfleet Command
Marco modified Tricorder 011.jpg
Marco Modified Tricorder 02.jpg
Marco Modified Tricorder 04.jpg
Marco modified Tricorder.jpg
Marco Modifid Tricorder 03.jpg

On close inspection above and upper left, side panel shrinkage is noticed due to plaster mold shrinkage over time with these Starfleet Command units.

Version 2 - Marco Manufactured
Marco tricorder open.JPG
Marco Tricorder face.JPG

                     Differences between Marco and Starfleet Command Tricorders

Marco units are distinguished from the Starfleet Command units owing to some very noticeable differences:


The hood, aluminum, and plastic side panels are “squarer” and a bit shorter than Starfleet Command's units. The faceplate, which is made of tumble polished aluminum, is screwed into the hood with noticeable screw heads on upper left and lower right areas of faceplate, and a black and white photocopy of Joan Collins placed behind the clear viewing screen. Solid construction, and better engineered than the Starfleet Command units with all the proper aluminum parts, although the Starfleet Command units are more "pleasing" in size and shape. Has analog sound and flashing LEDs when hood is opened when lower part of faceplate touches midbar. Once again, sound circuit is a key chain sound effects circuit board. Comes with leather strap. See comparison pictures below:

Marco Kirk Tri comparison00 .JPG
Marco Kirk Tri comparison 02.JPG

Above: left to right - Starfleet Command, Marco. SC unit slightly taller.

Marco Kitk Tri comparison 01.JPG

Above and below left: SC  plastic side panels and aluminum side plates rounded, Marco's decidedly squarer and more flat topped.

                                                       Klingon Disruptor

Three versions:


Version 1 : This first version was all welded and machined aluminum, including the grip.  Had a machined clear frosted acrylic tip with flashing light and analog sound. Sturdy good quality for what it was.


Version 2: Barrel and rest of front parts machined aluminum. Lower and rest of unit now resin.  Also with light and sound.


Version 3: Entire unit now resin. Still same electronics.

marco klingon disruptor.jpg
Medkit: Manufactured from 1982 - 1988 approximately. Consisting of vacuum plated chrome polyurethane hypo, solid color plastic interchangeable vials, plated or painted plastic field reader tube, spray healer, and non-spinning solid plastic scanner. BUT…with a real leather pouch. Cheap quality replicas but at the time, all that was available.
marco medkit better pic.jpg
marco medkit accesories.jpg
Marco Agonizer.jpg

Painted polyurethane

Control Plate
Control plate.jpg

Painted polyurethane .

Mirror Mirror Dagger
Marco Mirror Mirror Dagger.jpg

Painted polyurethane - one sided detail.

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