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Vintage TOS Prop Replica Restoration Service

Have a Brad Nelson Phaser replica that no longer functions? Or any vintage replicas of the day that are in need of cosmetic restoration? Due to numerous requests since setting up this reference guide, we can now offer a restoration service for all TOS vintage prop replicas. The Nelson units are a specialty. We offer a range of basic repairs to complete cosmetic restoration, electronic strobe circuit troubleshooting, repair, and replacement. All Nelson units are restored using OEM (NOS or modern equivalent) components. Cosmetic restoration is done with near exact finishes and colors, restored to the particular version as it was originally manufactured. Electronic strobe circuit restoration & repair is done by a technician with 30 years experience in the field of electronics. Fees vary based on condition. Please contact for a quote.


Nelson units sent in, in various stages of restoration.

BN8 Compete03 .JPG
Better shot00.JPG
Better shot02.JPG
Better shot01.JPG
Better shot03.JPG
Better shot 05.JPG
Better shot 04.JPG

Above: Restored Brad Nelson units


Starfleet Command vintage communicator circuit repair.


Of course we also restore tricorders.

Links To Repair Pictures & Videos Below

Earlier Brad Nelson Repair Files Lost - HDD Failure   

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